The making

100% French handmade products

Siegwald barrels are made entirely in Strasbourg, Alsace (hey, by the way, have you tried Alsacian's wines ?). With our experience of craftmen and our training, we conducted extensive research to achieve these forms and bores. We have developed a manufacturing technique combining quality and cost control. These precious woods are carefully selected from sustainably managed sources.

Why 3 different woods ?

Curious about the influence of wood on the sound, we made tests among the woods of the most traditional to the most unexpected, like palm or banana.
Out of all those trials, we chose olivewood, ebony and cocobolo, which proved by far the most interesting:
   - for their color and sound character.
   - for their density and stability.
   - and least but not last for the easthetic (aren't they are beautiful ?).
Now, you have a beautiful object, that sounds great and is stable over time.

I wanna see, I wanna see !